As Bond said to Q: “Slack me the WEP code before this router detonates.”

Neva announces investment from Slack Fund to deliver exceptional IT self-service experiences with AI-driven automation and conversational virtual agents There’s that great scene in GoldenEye when James Bond and Natalya outwit Boris using the exploding pen to escape Cuba. Lesson? Great partners and great tools dramatically increase the odds of survival when going boldly where[…]

Ready to shift left but not sure where to start? Listen and learn.

In my recent podcast, I was joined by ITSM expert Vawns Murphy from ITSM.Tools, and Dan Turchin, Neva co-founder. We discussed why IT leaders should consider a shift left strategy to increase the value of ITSM for both those who consume and deliver business services. Vawns provided her analysis of a recent survey conducted by[…]

To my friend Maria: artificial intelligence is here to make you more human

Maria Delarosa: more human than ever thanks to AI

This is a story about Maria. She works in a call center in the Philippines. Maria helps John Deere’s 60,000 global employees reset passwords and upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office twenty times a day.


Using AI and machine learning to accelerate digital transformation

  The importance of IT’s role as a technology/business liaison has never been greater. Business leaders not only expect IT to provide technology leadership, but also to connect technology with business priorities. Transforming the workplace Digital transformation is not only about the optimization of externally facing customer interactions, it’s also about improving internal processes. MIT[…]

Virtual agents: where’s the real value for IT?

Virtual agents: where’s the real value for IT? Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are becoming mainstream for consumers. Soon, they will be for business users as well. Two key questions remain unanswered: How can IT be prepared? Where do virtual agents add value in the IT service delivery lifecycle? According to the[…]

Employee self-service: make your voice heard!

Employee self-service: make your voice heard! As I discussed in an earlier blog (Applied vs. Generalized Artificial Intelligence: what’s the difference and why it matters for enterprise IT), all AI is not created equal. Just as applied AI is currently delivering more business value than generalized AI, natural language processing (NLP) is a key differentiating[…]

AI-driven service automation: the future of IT

In recent years a strong emphasis has been placed on IT moving away from making technology decisions for IT’s sake alone, which many would agree was long overdue.   As discussed in my previous blog (“Three common practices that help IT earn employee trust“), as enterprises digitally transform business processes, IT must also evolve its[…]