AI-driven service automation: the future of IT

In recent years a strong emphasis has been placed on IT moving away from making technology decisions for IT’s sake alone, which many would agree was long overdue.   As discussed in my previous blog (“Three common practices that help IT earn employee trust“), as enterprises digitally transform business processes, IT must also evolve its[…]

Three common practices that help IT earn employee trust

  Companies are relying on modern technologies to transform the way they build products, manage supply chains, and customer relationships. IDC expects that 2/3 of all CEOs will include Digital Transformation (DX) in their biz core strategy this year. As enterprises digitally transform business processes, IT must also evolve ITSM technologies and best practices. Leveraging manual workflows[…]

Applied vs. Generalized Artificial Intelligence: what’s the difference and why it matters for enterprise IT

There is no shortage of AI related news making headlines. While some is about the rise of evil robots, others envision a post-work world where AI renders human workers obsolete. These futuristic stories are entertaining, however they can make it difficult to rationalize the current state of AI and the ways it can add real value[…]

Shift left: empowerment as-a-service part 2 AI-driven automation

In part 1 “Shift left: empowerment as-a-service”, we looked at the ability of shift left to bring IT services closer to employees via lower touch, lower cost delivery channels. Deciding to implement shift left is only the first step. So, what’s the next step in creating an empowered IT service organization? Incorporating AI-based automation into[…]

Shift left: empowerment as-a-service

Editor’s note: This is the first entry in a two part series on shift left strategies — stay tuned for more on how AI-driven automation accelerates shift left strategies in the coming weeks. Having been a long distance runner, I’ve participated in many races over the years. What I’ve found is that more than anything else,[…]

Failure to launch: IT, we have a (self-service) problem!

While modern self-service is working for consumers, IT self-service portals are stuck on the launch pad. However, IT delivering out of this world service to its customers is a mission that’s far too important to abort. Instead we must conduct an honest assessment of our current state and chart a new path forward. In my[…]

Change with purpose: why I decided to join Neva

New path, same mission Prior to joining Neva, I held the position of lead analyst for IDC’s Client Virtualization and IT Service Management Software research practice. In that role, I had the opportunity and privilege to consult with countless IT leaders within some of the world’s largest enterprises as well as small to medium sized[…]

What does ITSM have in common with the TacoBot? Listen and learn.

I sat down with ITSM and AI IDC analyst Rob Young at Knowledge17 for a discussion about the future of AI-driven automation in IT. We discussed how AI is being used today, the business benefits of virtual_agents and AI-driven recommendations for live agents, and how AI is (and isn’t) changing the role of humans in IT. At the end of 30 minutes, we[…]

As Bond said to Q: “Slack me the WEP code before this router detonates.”

Neva announces investment from Slack Fund to deliver exceptional IT self-service experiences with AI-driven automation and conversational virtual agents There’s that great scene in GoldenEye when James Bond and Natalya outwit Boris using the exploding pen to escape Cuba. Lesson? Great partners and great tools dramatically increase the odds of survival when going boldly where[…]

Human? In IT? Here’s how to be relevant in 2020.

Self-proclaimed futurist (and Googler) Ray Kurzweil says we’re rapidly approaching the convergence of carbon and silicon-based life forms. He and hordes of Kurzweilians call their philosophy “the singularity” (a term first coined by John von Neumann in the 1950s), teach it in faux-universities, and tweet about it (incessantly). Elon Musk is popularizing Kurzweil’s ideas with his[…]